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Co-parents is for all those who wish to have a child, regardless of their situation:
• Singles: Men and women of all ages, who have not found the right person for conceive a baby or wishing to become a father / mother without settling couple
• Couples. married, divorced, cohabiting ...
homosexuals wishing to become parents without facing all administrative and legal requirements, without having to go abroad
• Heterosexuals suffering from infertility or wishing to raise a child while living separately ...

Our site welcomes visitors with very different profiles, men and women who share a desire to have children, become their priority.

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United States Vogue1969

photo de Vogue1969
We want a child because we can't have any. They are a gift from God pr

United States / Georgia / Atlanta
39 years old

Seeking :
Really good heart person to be our surrogate mother. An will do it all the way through. An not give u ... >> read more

United Kingdom Paul vear

photo de Paul vear
I ask and I will tell

United Kingdom / Hampshire / Southampton
34 years old

Seeking :
I'm never good at talking about myself so just ask what ever you like to know? ... >> read more

United States Kinga690

photo de Kinga690
Looking for Traditional Surrgate

United States / Distr. Columbia / Washington
35 years old

Seeking :
Currently seeking a traditional surrogate and I would like to start my journey to be a father. ... >> read more

Guide to co-parenting: How to make the arrangement work

The co-parenting arrangement is not yet a common family pattern, but it is experiencing a significant rise in the number of people opting to take this route. Our s... > read more

United States Cloud

photo de Cloud
Looking for a vie vile or two vie vile's also opened to co-parent

United States / Washington / Seattle
27 years old

Seeking :
I never reproduced & I have always wanted to have at least one offspring. Looking to co-parent or ... >> read more

United States Looking112

photo de Looking112
Looking forward to hearing from you

United States / Minnesota / Minneapolis
31 years old

Seeking :
Looking for a man willing to help me have a baby boy. And possible CO parent. Depending on arrangemen ... >> read more

United Kingdom anthonyj

photo de anthonyj
Looking to coparent

United Kingdom / Warwickshire
38 years old

Seeking :
Looking for a co-parent as I would like to be involved with the child... Just to set expectations, ... >> read more

United States archer

photo de archer
Hi :) , I'm new and researching becoming a donor and coparent

United States / Washington
32 years old

Seeking :
I'm still completing my profile please be patient with me :) ... >> read more

United Kingdom Mikechilton66

photo de Mikechilton66
Co parenting

United Kingdom / Merseyside / Liverpool
33 years old

Seeking :
I am looking for someone who is interested in co parenting a child. Me and my partner have tried for ... >> read more

United States Zevaztian

photo de Zevaztian
Fit and healthy caucasian Hispanic

United States
38 years old

Seeking :
Free Donor located in the United States. AI and NI. ... >> read more

United States call3175868239

photo de call3175868239
you found me

United States
24 years old

Seeking :
i am looking for someone between the age of 20 to 30. ... >> read more

United States Teresa Parrish

photo de Teresa Parrish
Looking for a surrogate

United States
45 years old

Seeking :
My husband and I are looking for a traditional surrogate to have a baby for us. We can't pay the high ... >> read more

Australia handy man

photo de handy man
i want to help

Australia / Queensland
44 years old

Seeking :
i am looking to help childess couples and single women we can discusss the terms to suit ... >> read more

United States Free1

photo de Free1
Married couple Looking for Donor

United States / Nebraska / Omaha
21 years old

Seeking :
Looking for a vie donor for my wife and I , NOT willing to have sex ... >> read more

United States coniferous

photo de coniferous
interested in co-parenting with a nice gay couple

United States / California / Berkeley
42 years old

Seeking :
I am interested in finding a gay male couple who would like to co-parent a child with me. I am a very ... >> read more

Canada Martinx

photo de Martinx
Available in Quebec

44 years old

Seeking :
I am vie donor with experience helping singles and lesbian couples. I am dedicated, sociable and seri ... >> read more

United States heat20000

photo de heat20000
donor and co parent

United States / Pennsylvania / Philadelphia
23 years old

Seeking :
am searching for a donor and co - parent. ... >> read more

United Kingdom e44girl

photo de e44girl
Here to view, and hope?

United Kingdom / Cardiff / Cardiff
28 years old

Seeking :
Looking to become a single mummy after domestic violence, I am hoping to start a family with no more ... >> read more

United States Tyra

photo de Tyra
Tyra is ready to find a co parent on this journey

United States
23 years old

Seeking :
I love babies I am ready for my own. I am ready for the journey of giving life! ... >> read more

India Ayushjaluka08

photo de Ayushjaluka08
I want to help anyone

India / West Bengal / Calcutta
20 years old

Seeking :
Anyone Who need help from this guy can contact, I'm always here to help. ... >> read more

Norway Kai

photo de Kai
Want to help

38 years old

Seeking :
Are you female and wanting to have a child? Are you lacking the partner. The engagement are simple ... >> read more

Belgium petervm

photo de petervm
Donor for woman with childwhish (FR/NL/ENG)

Belgium / East Flanders
37 years old

Seeking :
Je veut aider une femme pour devenir maman! Distance est pas de problème. I want to help a woman w ... >> read more

Finland Danna

photo de Danna
In search for a dad

41 years old

Seeking :
Looking for a physically and mentally healthy man with a responsible character and good genes, prefer ... >> read more

United States J_rock89

photo de J_rock89
Looking forward to becoming a father

United States
27 years old

Seeking :
Looking for a woman who is not looking for a buck put her kids needs before herself ... >> read more

The history of co-parenting

Our company just to say the word "co-parenting". Yet this concept has been around a long time. When gay couples have claimed the right to love and start a family, they were the first to focus on children's conception outside the traditional family. In most cases, the co-parent was a trusted friend, who could therefore support the gay couple and be present with the child.

Then, more and more heterosexual couples have themselves become co-parents, without necessarily realizing it: with an increasing divorce rates, blended or single-parent families fall within the scheme of coparenting.Les children grow with only one of their biological parents.

Today, the company demonstrated more openness, allowing men and women to become co-parents, in other contexts again: mother or single father, homosexual couple, heterosexual couple ... The family n 'is stereotyped as at the end of the twentieth century!

The co-parenting is ...

... Two individuals meet, with their history, more or less similar, and a common desire: to become a parent, living together without either. Most often, the child is conceived through insemination craft (not artificial), but also by natural intercourse.

The benefits are multiple :
• No anonymity: both biological parents know. The child can know where it comes from, and thus know his true identity, unlike adoption, sperm donation.
• No administrative, legal or financial constraints: the approach remains natural and human.
• No need to go abroad as do women wanting to become a single mother, gay couples wanting to adopt ...

How It Works

Co-parenting is such a flexible way to become a parent, the most important thing is to listen to you, first of all. Why do you want to conceive a baby? In what conditions ? With whom ? What will be the role of co-parent?

One of the highlights of this modern way of starting a family, is the fact of giving the child two parents who desired that want their role, their responsibilities. Each co-exist and act parent with the child throughout his life ... or not, depending on the agreement of both co-parents.

You want to start a co-parenting or gay parenting or being a single parent? You are in the right place. Good looking at you

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